Alfred Eisenstaedt – Photographer of the Century

Alfred Eisenstaedt has been deemed “the father of photojournalism,” as well as the “photographer of the century.”Mainly known for his amazing work with candid photographs, the photographer began his career at the age of 14, the day he got his first camera. By 1927, Eisenstaedt had sold his first photograph, later joining Pacific and Atlantic Photos as a freelancing photographer in the city of Berlin.


He is known for extraordinary shots, mainly depicting people in incredible venues such as the Grand Hotel “Ice Skating Waiter” in 1932, or the Italian opera house La Scalar in “Premiere at La Scalar” in Milan.

Image By Alfred Eisenstaedt
Image By Alfred Eisenstaedt



By the year 1935,Eiswnstaedt had moved to the United States and gotten a position at Life Magazine as a one of the original staff members.

As a candid photographer, Eisenstaedt’s pictures are of subjects who are completely unaware of his presence. In one of his interviews the photographer stated how “unobtrusive” he must be to get the best shots, perhaps why his pictures contain incredible emotion and unpredictability.



It was in 1954 that Eisenstaedt set up his very first exhibition. Located at the International Museum of Photography in New York, this was the beginning of Eisenstaedt’s Alfred Eisenstaedt  (2)long and strong fame. In 1989 he received the National Medal of Arts for his achievements, and was recently deemed the photographer of the century.

Passing away at 96 years of age in 1995, Eisenstaedt left the world having giving it all he could. Having been one of the first professional photographers in history, he surely will be remembered and taken as an example.

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